Let It Ride Introduction and Overview

Let It Ride was introduced to casinos in 1993 and it quickly became a hit because it allows players to place bets and then take those same bets back if they don’t like their hands. In addition to that, it’s a very social game because the players don’t play against one another or against the dealer. They simply compete against the rules of the game.

Let It Ride is a form of poker in which the players try to make the best poker hand possible to receive special payouts. It’s an easy game to learn and if you play your cards right, the house advantage isn’t too bad either.

How to Play Let It Ride

The object of Let It Ride is to make the best possible hand using a combination of the three cards in your hand with the two community cards. At the end of each round, your hand is evaluated and you are paid according to the following chart:

Let it Ride Payouts

A hand of Let It Ride begins with the player placing three equal bets on the table in the designated area. The player is then dealt three cards face down and the dealer places two community cards face down in the middle of the table. The player may look at his own cards at this point but he may not show his cards to anyone else.

After the player has had a chance to look at his cards, he may decide to take back one of his bets or “Let It Ride.” The dealer then reveals one of the community cards and the player gets another opportunity to take back another bet. At the end of this round, the player will have either 1, 2 or 3 of his original bets remaining.

Next, the dealer reveals the second community card. The player will then reveal his three cards and use them in conjunction with the two community cards to create his final five card poker hand. If the final hand does not contain a pair of 10s or better, that player’s remaining bets are collected by the dealer. Anyone with a pair of 10s or better is paid out according to the above chart.

Basic Let It Ride Strategy

Let It Ride strategy isn’t overly complicated so it’s worth taking the time to learn a little basic strategy. With the use of the following strategy, the house edge on Let It Ride can be reduced to about 3.5%.

The only decision you have to make in Let It Ride is deciding whether to take your bets back or to let them ride. There’s nothing else you can do to affect the odds so if you just follow this simple strategy, you will drastically reduce the house advantage.

Three Cards: Take back a bet unless you have:

  1. A pair of 10s or better
  2. Three cards to a straight flush as long as it’s a 3-4-5 or higher straight flush
  3. Three cards to a straight flush with a single gap (example: 8-9-J) as long as at least one of the cards is a 10 or higher
  4. Three cards to a straight flush with two gaps (example 8-T-Q) as long as at least two cards are 10 or higher

Four Cards: Take back a bet unless you have:

  1. Pair of 10s or better
  2. Any four to a straight flush
  3. Any four to a flush
  4. Any four connected cards except for 2-3-4-5
  5. Any four cards ranked 10 or higher